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Lean Bulk Stack

Lean Bulk Stack

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1 × LGD
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Lean Bulk Stack Includes:
1 – LGD (Ligandrol) (10mg/ml)
1 – MK-2866 (Ostarine) (25mg/ml)

LGD (Ligandrol):
Increases Strength
Increases Muscle Tissue
Improves Bone Health
Increases Energy
Increases Endurance

MK-8266 (Ostarine):
Fat Mass Reduction Properties
Increases Lean Muscle Mass
Increases Strength
Retain Muscle Tissue
Increases Metabolism Speed

Suggested Research Length:
8-12 Weeks is optimal

Additional Information:
Tamper-proof seal used to assure transit safety.
UV-resistant glass bottles to prevent degradation.
Designed and packaged to avoid evaporation during storage.

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