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How To Pay With Bitcoin (Crypto)

Step By Step Guide To Paying With Bitcoin (Crypto)

If your completely new to Bitcoin (Crypto Currency) don’t worry, well help you in this guide.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is both simple to set up and utilize. Though it may appear intimidating at first, it is very similar to using PayPal. Once you’ve made one successful bitcoin payment, repeating the process should be quick and straightforward.

We recommend using “Cash App” to purchase and send your bitcoins; due to the ease of use, and acceptance of all major credit cards.

You will have to give personal information to prove your identity, and link to your bank account/debit card to have your account verified which can take 2 – 7 days.

To get started on Cash App, see our guide below:

  1. Download the Cash App on your mobile device and create an account.
  2. Add funds to your Cash App account using a debit card or bank account.
  3. Tap the Bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen and then tap Buy BTC.
  4. Select an amount and tap confirm.
  5. Congratulations you’ve officially bought bitcoin, now time to send.
  6. Tap on the “$” Icon at the bottom of the screen and change your currency from USD to Bitcoin.
  7. Input the total order amount to be sent, tap send. (Order amount will be given after checkout)
  8. On “To” section input the wallets address and click send. (address will given after checkout)
  9. Congratulations you’ve successfully sent your payment using Bitcoin via Cash App. We will be notified of payment and will begin to process your order for shipment.

Benefits of Paying With Bitcoin Include Freedom Privacy Savings

You are in charge of your money.

Because bitcoin isn’t managed by countries or banks like traditional currency, you have a lot more power over your money in the long run. Many individuals prefer the idea of being able to use their money at any time and in any location, and that it is worldwide accepted with no exchange fees. Bitcoin is, without a certainty, the currency of the future.

It's Extremely Confidential

Discretion is a big component of bitcoin transactions, and they’re all completely secret and anonymous. Bitcoin combines the privacy of cash with the convenience of card payment. Although it is theoretically possible to track a bitcoin transaction, it is far from simple. This saves you a lot of headaches. It makes it harder for hackers to target your finances and also keeps your identity a secret if you are purchasing sensitive items.

There are no banking fees.

Transaction fees are charged by most banks and online services such as PayPal, but not by your bitcoin wallet. There are no transaction costs at all. In the long term, this saves you a lot of money in banking costs.

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